Dear mentee,


I am currently a Mentor at Barcelona Activa, and provide international support of the highest quality to any cultural project in the making.


Born a culture lover, my wide experience in international business has made me apply my skills to the cultural scene with a personal touch, making projects of all kinds become internationally recognized by using the media: a passion that still drives my commitment nowadays.

My education includes a New York Film Academy (NYFA) graduation, a Music Management course by the Taller de Músics (Barcelona), an Event Organization postdregree at ESPRI- Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), an Online Journalist postdegree by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), and an English Philology degree by the University of Barcelona (UB).

My experience includes filmmaking, singing, acting, writing, broadcasting, translating, directing, organizing, and creating all the projects you will see on this web, and some more I did not add, yet.

I am available to help you and guide you to achive your goals much faster than just on your own, so if you think that I can be the helping hand that you need, please CONTACT now, and BOOK your mentoring session with me.

Together we can make both you, and your project THRIIIIIIIVE!

Much love.