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Cannes Film Festival 2023

The #best film festival of the #world amazed its audience again from the 16th to the 27th May.

Crowded with hundreds of #industry members and numerous top VIP #hollywood #celebrities, the Marché du Film was at its best since 2019.

The film seen at the Salle Lumière on the opening #gala day was Jean du Barry, starring Johnny Depp as the King of France.

No doubt, this was already enough reason to open a #debate in Cannes about Depp´s presence on the red carpet this year. But what was most debated everywhere by everyone was his personal #life, as was seen at the #press #conference where reporters were trying to discuss his reactions after the court's decision on his divorce case.

However, Depp kept #stoic and calm all the time, only focusing on his movie that surprised the French audience by portraying a self-made #woman living in a very harsh and stiff environment created by the #monarchy protocols and education in #France at the time.

Other incredible movie #stars who went to Cannes this year were: Harrison Ford (who received the honorable Palme d´Or award), Kate Blanchett, Robert de Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, Marion Cotillard, and a long list of multi-talented #stars who filled the Cannes Riviera with a high overdose of #glamour and #sophistication.

However, the most important part of the festival (besides celebrities) is the Marché du Film: the market where all the #industry members meet every single year to buy, sell, #network and enjoy the films at the festival during the 11 days it lasted.

This year, Spain was the #guestcountry at the Marché du Film. So, both the #Spanish and the Catalan Films stands, were the most visited by actors, producers, directors and distributors. Thus, contributing to the #Spanish flow of #talent at the Marché premises all the time.

Well-known Spanish #director Pedro Almodovar brought his #shortfilm Strange Way of Life to the Festival starring Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal, out of competition, but still creating a lot of expectation to the red carpet #official #media.

Besides, the film Creatura by director Elena Martin unexpectedly won the Quinzaine des cinéastes award, adding even more #joy and recognition to the endless Spanish fiesta.

Also at the Marché were the #international Radio France #booths where we recorded our #cultinclub radio show including interviews and off festival #events, that you can listen to on YouTube.

The #Cannes Film festival closed its 76th #edition with great #success and a great post-pandemic approach to the cinema #business, which not only does not die, but is still very alive.

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