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Being interculturally competent means understanding how culture affects our communication and our roles as managers and colleagues and being able to adapt our communication to the new market. Our certified consultants provide expert coaching and training for top-level management, management teams, global mobility personal and employees/teams otherwise involved in strategic international business transactions


EXPAT360 is a flexible solution that assures the best possible preparation, stay, and return for the expatriate and their family. Expat360 gives HR and the expatriate the tools and support they need during all the phases of expatriation.


Learning the business jargon in all languages by applying our own methodology, certified by our board of experts, is a must.

Hybrid teaching following the The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) is crucial to our language programmes.

We believe in language teaching techniques that are based on your language level and your professional role, and are in line with your company’s specific needs. This ensures that learning is as effective as possible and delivers the best possible return, ROI.


Country of Origin Training programmes — or COOTs — are a unique concept for employers to train incoming foreign workers during the recruitment phase to ensure that new recruits who are relocating have basic language skills and cultural understanding of the target country

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