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2018 has been a wonderful year with many completed projects that have made me wonder if actually 2019 could be a better year than the last one, at all.

But the fact is, that the new year brings with it not only new projects, but also a new energy and full empowerment, to achieve new goals.

The potential of the future ahead is enormous:

1. I am writing my first book, to publish soon.

2. My mentorship for Barcelona Activa will start 16th January, and will end in July, hoping for a huge progress with DOTHEGAP business goals.

3. Our short film about women relationships RIDE, is already in its post-production stage, and is progressing at good pace.

4. Los Angeles (USA) is already waiting for me, to pay a visit to Hollywood studios and their star system.

5. March will be the month of London (UK) collaborations in short film-making.

6. Summer and autumn will be filled with music and film festivals all over Europe.

7. Winter will be the right time to travel to South-America to expand new cultural horizons in that area.

And this is only what I have planned, and already confirmed, in the first days of 2019.

Whatever is still waiting to fill the gaps in between those projects, I still do not know, but I am sure that there will be new opportunities, and new chances not to be missed.

I hope you all have made your new year´s resolutions as well, and weather it is going to the gym, losing weight, earning more money, or learning languages, please do not forget that the best project you can have is always keeping your loved ones by your side.

Be safe.

¨And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make¨. The Beatles.

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