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On 25th February 2019 the North American city of Los Angeles

hosted its 91st Oscar Film Academy Awards Gala at Dolby Theater.

Hollywood Boulevard

But, that is just a yearly fact.

The only difference this year, was that I attended the venue and could experience the whole atmosphere - with the best worldwide celebrities entering the red carpet and wearing their best looks, and moods.

I must admit that coming from Barcelona and finding myself amid all that glamour in just some hours flight distance, is an experience I will never forget.

All the amazing limos, bodyguards, press, police, and audience were perfectly organized and aligned at Hollywood Boulevard, while stepping on the shinning stars of its concrete sidewalks’ jungle.

Walk of Fame

Nowhere in the world have I felt so overwhelmed before. Nowhere so big, and so small at the same time. Nowhere so excited. Nowhere so awesome, and so grand.

Even if my life has been interesting enough to be able to experience a sunrise on the Nile in Egypt, the Milkyway in the Sahara desert, or the northern lights over an Icelandic hot spring, the nature of a human gathering like the Oscars´ Awards Gala was emotionally moving, and anthropologically worth a thesis study.

And whether you agree or not with the nominations, it is simply undeniable that the Film Academy experts do their best in giving visibility to those professionals and films who deserve, not only the world´s attention and recognition, but also an Oscar Award.

Olivia Colman Best Actress Award

Rami Malek Best Actor Award

As you are probably aware, film-making is not an easy job. It demands courage, focus, teamwork, funding, lots of passion, and a subject that catches the audience attention.

Ever since the very first public screening of the Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28th December 1895, the well-chosen subject of a film has brought audiences to cinemas, and thus, film-making has become an industry with all links of its chain perfectly interconnected, to make money at a great speed.

Guillermo del Toro giving Best Director Award

All the ¨A class¨ film festivals I know in Europe (Donostia, Cannes, Venezia, etc), aim to be, to emulate, and to copy, the Oscars.

The Academy Awards certainly open the film year in February and set the trend for the rest of Festivals to come all over the world in the following months.

Julia Roberts Ceremony Presenter

And so, I can only be thankful for having been able to experience this unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime dream adventure.

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