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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The BIDC organized by Barcelona Activa and the Barcelona City townhall, took place yesterday October 23rd at the Maritime Museum premises.

I was so lucky as to be able to have my own NF.IC.VIPS booth at their site, together with other local business devoted to provide top class services to the international cummunity living in Barcelona.

The morning went well with everyone coming in to have a look at all the insteresting booths, until the organizers arrived with the townhall representatives, and there was a multitude of photographers and television cameras creating a circle.

*All pics and videos available here.

After they left, things went back to normal and a lot of visitors arrived at my booth, with a real interest in my cultural experience and all my already organized events.

They were so happy, that they even allowed me to take a picture of them in exchange for a cinema ticket! All pictures taken can be found at this web´s BICD tab.

Photo by @caros_eye

In the afternoon time flew, with a lot of friends coming in to visit me, and have a courious look at the event´s beautiful site, talks, concerts, and everything that was going on.

Around 17h the well-know writer Matthew Tree came and brought his books to sign.

Many people gathered around him, took pictures, and made a lot of fan fun.

Photo by @welcome_barcelona

Soon after, we also received the amazing visit of actress, director and producer Cristina Parovel, who was interviewed by the event´s staff, and stayed even longer than the event lasted to share some Spanish tapas with us.

Summarizing, the BICD event was a real success, my booth was busy with incredible talented people and international VIPs, and I will always remember it with my heart warmed, and full of emotion.

Photo by @fedexwhyz

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